Imagine, a nutritious energy bar
that actually tastes good

With a delicious peanut butter base and ingredients of milk chocolate, honey and organic crisp brown rice, you will love the taste of a nutritious Ascent bar.  Try one out today!

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Why make another bar?

Ascent bars were developed and continue to be hand crafted in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We created these bars because we wanted something that balanced Taste and Nutrition in a way that was actually enjoyable to eat.  Many other bars on the market can be dry, chalky, or just downright terrible (we know, we’ve tried them).  Ascent bars are moist with just the right amount of crunch!


We believe in using wholesome ingredients you recognize and can pronounce.  That’s why our ingredients are either Organic or All Natural.  Ascent bars have No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Added Sugars, and No Preservatives.  Yet they still have a long lasting, 6 month shelf life.  Below are many of the great flavors you will find in each and every Ascent bar.


Dried Cranberries

Chia Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Peanut Butter

Rolled Oats


Brown Rice Syrup

Where can I get them?

Ascent bars are currently sold in retail locations across Tennessee.  From Nutrition and Sports Shops to Cafes and Juice Bars. Or you can Order right here on the website!


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